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Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis

Show simple item record Alley, Richard Berntsen, Terje Bindoff, Nathaniel L. Chen, Zhenlin Chidthaisong, Amnat Friedlingstein, Pierre Gregory, Jonathan Hegerl, Gabriele Heimann, Martin Hewitson, Bruce Hoskins, Brian Joos, Fortunat Jouzel, Jean Kattsov, Vladimir Lohmann, Ulrike Manning, Martin Matsuno, Taroh Molina, Mario Nicholls, Neville Overpeck, Jonathan Qin, Dahe Raga, Graciela Ramaswamy, Venkatachalam Ren, Jiawen Rusticucci, Matilde Solomon, Susan Somerville, Richard Stocker, Thomas F. Stott, Peter Stouffer, Ronald J. Whetton, Penny Wood, Richard A. Wratt, David Arblaster, Julie Brasseur, Guy Christensen, Jens H. Denman, Kenneth Fahey, David W. Forster, Piers Jansen, Eystein Jones, Philip D. Knutti, Reto Le Treut, Hervé Lemke, Peter Meehl, Gerald Mote, Philip Randall, David Stone, Daíthí A. Trenberth, Kevin E. Willebrand, Jürgen Zwiers, Francis 2018-04-02T19:07:05Z 2018-04-02T19:07:05Z 2007
dc.description.abstract The Working Group I contribution to the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report describes progress in understanding of the human and natural drivers of climate change1, observed climate change, climate processes and attribution, and estimates of projected future climate change. It builds upon past IPCC assessments and incorporates new findings from the past six years of research. Scientific progress since the TAR is based upon large amounts of new and more comprehensive data, more sophisticated analyses of data, improvements in understanding of processes and their simulation in models, and more extensive exploration of uncertainty ranges. The basis for substantive paragraphs in this Summary for Policymakers can be found in the chapter sections specified in curly brackets. es_CR
dc.language.iso en es_CR
dc.title Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis es_CR
dc.title.alternative Contribution of Working Group I to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change es_CR
dc.type Presentation es_CR

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