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  • Sutherland, W. J.; Adams, W. M.; Aronson, R. B.; Aveling, R.; Blackburn, T. M.; Broad, S.; Ceballos, G.; Coté, I. M.; Cowling, R. M.; Da Fonseca, G. A. B.; Dinerstein, E.; Ferraro, P. J.; Fleishman, E.; Gascon, C.; Hunter Jr., M.; Hutton, J.; Kareiva, P.; Kuria, A.; Macdonald, D. W.; Mackinnon, K.; Madgwick, F. J.; Mascia, M. B.; Mcneely, J.; Milner-Gulland, E. J.; Moon, S.; Morley, C. G.; Nelson, S.; Osborn, D.; Pai, M.; Parsons, E. C. M.; Peck, L. S.; Possingham, H.; Prior, S. V.; Pullin, A. S.; Rands, M. R. W.; Ranganathan, J.; Redford, K. H.; Rodriguez, J. P.; Seymour, F.; Sobel, J.; Sodhi, N. S.; Stott, A.; Vance-Borland, K.; Watkinson, A. R. (2009-01-12)
    We identified 100 scientific questions that, if answered, would have the greatest impact on conservation practice and policy. Representatives from 21 international organizations, regional sections and working groups of ...

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