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Soils on the Pleistocene Ignimbritic Bagaces Formation, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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dc.description.abstract This bundle presents the results of two theses. The theses concern soil types and soil genesis, on the ignimbrites of the Bagaces Formation in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. This formation occupies an area of about fifteen percent of the province Guanacaste, and is located along the Guanacaste cordillera. The first thesis (1995) concerns a soil mapping project on a part of the formation, carried out in the experimental station for reforestation ‘Horizontes' (Sector Horizontes), sub-area of ‘Guanacaste Conservation Area’. The second thesis ( 1996), concerns soil genesis on the ignimbrites; a study on the physical aspects. The study was carried out in Sector Horizontes, national park Lomas Barbudal and in the area around the primary irrigation channel between Bagaces and Canas. In a short introduction in the chapters dealing with the studies, the aims of the researches can be found. In the next chapter, an introduction is given on the geology of the area. Special ^ attention will be given at the nature and deposition of ignimbrite. In addition, tectonic movements and topography will be dealt with. In chapter three a general introduction on the climate, followed by a discussion of the meteorological data of the study areas, is given. Chapter four discusses the soil mapping project, whereas chapters five discusses several aspects of soil genesis. The last two chapters start with a short introduction on how the researches were set up and executed. A study on the chemical aspects of soil genesis on ignimbrites, has been carried out, but could not be completed. Therefore, these aspects are not dealt with in this bundle. The preliminary results of these chemical analysis done, can be found in a separate report. es_CR
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dc.title Soils on the Pleistocene Ignimbritic Bagaces Formation, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. es_CR
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