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Wedding biodiversity inventory of a large and complex Lepidoptera fauna with DNA barcoding

Show simple item record Janzen, Daniel H. Hajibabaei, Mehrdad Burns, John M. Hallwachs, Winnie Remigio, Ed Hebert, Paul D. N. 2016-05-09T17:51:52Z 2016-05-09T17:51:52Z 2005-09-14
dc.identifier.citation Janzen, D. H., Hajibabaei, M., Burns, J. M., Hallwachs, W., Remigio, E., & Hebert, P. D. (2005). Wedding biodiversity inventory of a large and complex Lepidoptera fauna with DNA barcoding. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 360(1462), 1835-1845. es_CR
dc.identifier.uri 10.1098/rstb.2005.1715
dc.description.abstract By facilitating bioliteracy, DNA barcoding has the potential to improve the way the world relates to wild biodiversity. Here we describe the early stages of the use of cox1 barcoding to supplement and strengthen the taxonomic platform underpinning the inventory of thousands of sympatric species of caterpillars in tropical dry forest, cloud forest and rain forest in northwestern Costa Rica. The results show that barcoding a biologically complex biota unambiguously distinguishes among 97% of more than 1000 species of reared Lepidoptera. Those few species whose barcodes overlap are closely related and not confused with other species. Barcoding also has revealed a substantial number of cryptic species among morphologically defined species, associated sexes, and reinforced identification of species that are difficult to distinguish morphologically. For barcoding to achieve its full potential, (i) ability to rapidly and cheaply barcode older museum specimens is urgent, (ii) museums need to address the opportunity and responsibility for housing large numbers of barcode voucher specimens, (iii) substantial resources need be mustered to support the taxonomic side of the partnership with barcoding, and (iv) hand-held field-friendly barcorder must emerge as a mutualism with the taxasphere and the barcoding initiative, in a manner such that its use generates a resource base for the taxonomic process as well as a tool for the user. es_CR
dc.language.iso en_US es_CR
dc.publisher Philosophical Transactions es_CR
dc.subject Costa Rica es_CR
dc.subject tropical es_CR
dc.subject Area de Conservación Guanacaste es_CR
dc.subject Hesperiidae es_CR
dc.subject Saturniidae es_CR
dc.subject Sphingidae es_CR
dc.subject de trópico es_CR
dc.title Wedding biodiversity inventory of a large and complex Lepidoptera fauna with DNA barcoding es_CR
dc.type Article es_CR

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