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  • ter Steege, Hans; Pitman, Nigel C. A.; Phillips, Oliver L.; Chave, Jerome; Sabatier, Daniel; Duque, Alvaro; Molino, Jean-François; Prévost, Marie-Françoise; Spichiger, Rodolphe; Castellanos, Hernan; von Hildebrand, Patricio; Vásquez Martínez, Rodolfo (Nature, 2006-09-28)
    The world’s greatest terrestrial stores of biodiversity and carbon are found in the forests of northern South America, where largescale biogeographic patterns and processes have recently begun to be described. Seven of ...
  • Lips, Karen R.; Brem, Forrest; Brenes, Roberto; Reve, John D.; Alford, Ross A.; Voyles, Jamie; Carey, Cynthia; Livo, Lauren; Pessier, Allan P.; Collins, James P. (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 2006-02)
    Pathogens rarely cause extinctions of host species, and there are few examples of a pathogen changing species richness and diversity of an ecological community by causing local extinctions across a wide range of species. ...

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